What is ICECAAP?

ICECAAP is a consortium of international explorers, guides and professional adventurers who have witnessed the dramatic effects of global climate change in the Arctic, polar regions and around the world. As amassadors to some of the wildest places on Earth, the members of ICECAAP recognize their responsibility to educate individuals, corporations and governments about the effects of global climate change, and to inspire them to take action before it is too late.

Why is ICECAAP important?

Scientists consider the polar regions, and in particular the Arctic, to be the "thermometer" of the Earth. In other words, what happens in the Arctic is a sign of what is going to happen to the rest of the planet. Unfortunately the Arctic is warming much faster than most models and most scientists predicted. Many people fear that it has reached a tipping point and that it will continue to warm at the same unprecidented rate which would have dramatic negative effects the world over. We have a responsibility to share with the world how rapidly the Arctic is changing; and how individuals, corporations and governments can change their habits and policies to stop and/or slow global warming.

How can I be a part of ICECAAP?

You don't have to be a polar explorer to be a part of ICECAAP (though it helps to have an adventurous spirit!) You can be a part of ICECAAP simply by joining our mailing list. We'll keep you informed with ICECAAP events and initiatives. More details on being involved with ICECAP will be posted soon!

What is the mission of ICECAAP?

  • Educate individuals, corporations and governments about the effects of global climate change on the high Arctic and Polar regions, and around the world.

  • Inspire people to be proactive in the effort to reduce global climate change by teaching them specific actions they can make to reduce global climate change on local, national and international levels.

  • Motivate people to "dream big and dare to fail" by sharing with them the challenges, adventures and misadventures of exploring Earth's most remote and extreme environments.


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